Mary and Joseph are the best models of being totally open to following God’s will, whatever it may be. At her annunciation, Mary accepted her vocation to be the Mother of God. She declared herself to be the “handmaid of the Lord” and replied to the angel Gabriel “Let it be done to me according to your word.” Similarly, Joseph accepted his vocation to be Mary’s virginal husband and the chosen father to the Son of God, by doing immediately  on waking exactly as the angel of Lord asked him.

The Holy Spouses are models for those called to every state of life. For those called to marriage they exemplify the most selfless and loving couple to ever live. For those called to states of virginity they image the greatest purity and total belonging to God.

As parents, Mary and Joseph participate in the great mystery of the Incarnation by preparing God’s own Son, in his human nature, for his mission in redeeming the world. He grows up living in the virtuous harmony of the Holy Family and learning to pray with them. At the age of 12 Jesus stays behind in the Temple, without advising his parents. When they find him there on the third day, Joseph remains silent as Jesus responds, asking if they did not know that he had to be about his Father’s business; Joseph knows that his role as earthly father is to support his Son’s fulfillment of the will of his heavenly, Divine Father. Joseph marvels at the mystery which Mary keeps always in her heart. Together they constantly and totally support the vocation of their Son, as all parents are called to do.

Pray for vocations through the intercession of the Holy Spouses:

Prayer for Vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life

Mary, Queen of vocations, and St. Joseph, patron of the Church; Holy Spouses, we beseech you to pray to your Divine Son to send many vocations to serve the Church in the priesthood and religious life, especially in the Oblates of St. Joseph who serve God in imitation of your humble life at Nazareth. Kindly intercede, so that in our days as always in the Church, many young people may be attracted to the service of souls and to the ideal of evangelical perfection. Please pray on our behalf that the Lord of the harvest will send workers into His vineyard.  Obtain for us many priestly and religious vocations that correspond to the immense needs of the world today and that are fully dedicated to the service of the Lord and of His Church.  Amen.

To Know One’s Own Vocation

O Holy Spouses, so docile to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, obtain for me the grace to know to what state of life Divine Providence calls me. Do not allow me to be deceived with regard to such an important choice, upon which depends my happiness in this world, and even my eternal salvation. Obtain for me that, being enlightened to know the Divine Will and being faithful in accomplishing it, I may embrace the state of life which God has destined for me, in which I can best serve others, and which will lead me to a happy eternity. Amen.