Holy Spouses Society

The Holy Spouses Society allows couples to make a personal spiritual commitment to take the Holy Spouses, Mary and Joseph, as the models and intercessors of their married lives. The commitment is eight-fold:

1. Celebrate the Feast of the Holy Spouses, Joseph and Mary, on January 23 each year by attending Mass together as a couple.

2. Pray some part of the Holy Spouses Rosary together weekly.

3. Have a Holy Spouses picture enthroned in your home.

4. Live your marriage as a call from God.

5. Respect children as the greatest fruit of marriage.

6. Uphold the Church’s teaching on the two inseparable ends of marriage: union in love and openness to procreation.

7. Attend together a “Life-Giving Love” Workshop once in life.

8. Avoid the use of artificial contraceptives or sterilization.

After a preparation time using the manual Family Starts with Marriage, Holy Spouses Rites and Devotions, a husband and wife become members using the Enrollment Rite.