Marriage & Family

To St. Joseph for Spouses

Dear Saint Joseph, humble and just husband of Mary, grant us your powerful intercession that especially husbands and wives may be faithful to their sacred vows. Inspire them with the desire to be not only just but also charitable toward each other.

In imitation of your behavior, may they always endeavor to do God’s will. Let them realize the great responsibility that is theirs with respect to their life partner, especially in what concerns their growth in holiness as willed by God.

When they have children, let them realize that there is no greater good for them upon earth than to do their best in raising those children as children of God, destined to live in perfect happiness with God for all eternity. May they follow your example and that of Mary, your spouse, and above all the example of the One Who lived so long with you and was the Son of God made Man.

For Marriage and Family

Triune Lord of Life and Love, bless husbands and wives with the graces to be life-giving lovers and life-loving givers. As generous and responsible parents, who respect children as the most excellent fruit of marriage, may every marital embrace be free, total, faithful and open to new life. May the dark scourges of self-centered anxiety, contraception, sterilization, abortion, and every other sin against the sacred meaning of human sexuality, be vanquished by your healing Mercy, coupled with the graces to faithfully live the glorious beauty of your purpose for marriage and family, in the image of the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, and in your own Image: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.